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Aji Glass

杉山さんの工房に併設される真っ白のギャラリーの中には、さざ波が光を反射する様な、穏やかな波の音が聞こえてきそうな透明感あふれる作品が並んでいる。その1つ1つに個性があり、涼やかなガラスの中に杉山さんの瀬戸内への愛情がぬくもりとして感じられるなんとも心地の良い空間だ。 「世界の色々な方の元に届く事。それは非常にロマンがあり、嬉しい事。いつかこのグラスの色と、本当の瀬戸内の色を見に来てくれる人がいたら良いなって思います。」穏やかな人柄の中に確信できる、確固たる信念。作品を愛してもらう事で、香川と人を結びたい、この強い想いがこれからも杉山さんを支えている。

『Go beyond the sea, Aji-glass.』
In the white-colored gallery near her studio, there are a great number of Sugiyama’s works Upon visiting her gallery, we feel as if we could see the clear reflections of the blue ocean and hear the calm, soothing sound of the ocean waves coming from her glasswork. Each glasswork is unique in its own characteristics, so you will never find two similar items. The studio has a cozy atmosphere with product lines that she made, which show us how much Sugiyama loves the Seto Inland Sea. “My dream is to spread my works all over the world.” She continues, “It is very exciting. I really hope that customers oversea come to see the real blueness of the Seto Inland Sea someday.” In a modest manner, Sugiyama shares with us her beautiful goal. “ I want people to love my homeland, Kagawa, through my work.” These strong hopes motivate her to continue her journey beyond the sea, the journey of Aji-glass.


Producer: Eriko Suetsugu, Newmark Inc.
Director+Cam : Naruhito Suetsugu, Newmark Inc.
Music: Leo Sato, etude llp
Edit: Antony Buy
Translation: Natsuki Yokoyama
Cast:Rie Sugiyama
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