EMERSON Japan Company Introduction

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EMERSON Japan Company Introduction

日本エマソン株式会社は、米国エマソン・エレクトリックの日本法人として7の事業と3つのグループ会社で活動を展開している。 会社紹介を通して、各事業の理解促進、評価向上を目指し、リクルート活動に繋げ人材確保を目的として映像を作成された。

Emerson Japan, Ltd. is the Japanese subsidiary of Emerson Electric Company based in the US., running seven businesses by three group companies. This video has been created as one of the recruitment strategies to secure human resources by promoting better understanding and valuation of their businesses.


Director & Cinematographer: Naruhito Suetsugu, Newmark Inc.
Producer: Eriko Suetsugu, Newmark Inc.
Project management: Takao Odamiya, Newmark Inc.
Shooting Assistant: Ryuuya Takeda, Tanabata Usagi
Associate Producer: Kano Akiyo, Newmark Inc.
Client: EMERSON Japan