I thought I would spend my days indifferently. Until I met that plate...
A touching story of soil, fire, and people in Bizen City, Okayama.

Working as an office worker in Tokyo, Haruka Koyama (Nao) is just letting the days pass by. There is nothing she wants to do or anything she can be crazy about. She believes her life remains the same forever. When Haruka stops at a department store with her boss, one plate catches her eye. She then learns that is a piece of Bizen ware. She thinks of that Bizen plate day by day, at work and on holidays. Indescribable excitement makes Haruka head to Bizen City, Okayama. She visits the Bizen potter, Osamu (Hiroyuki Hirayama) at his studio, but finds him brusque and unpleasant. Haruka is confused by his attitude. Although he is too far from her image of a potter, she explains her passion for the pottery. “I know your kind. You’re just putting on the show,” Osamu says and makes her leave. Haruka, totally devastated, meets an old local man, Toujin (Takashi Sasano), and tells why she is there and how Osamu treated her. Toujin tells the story of “The Unbreakable Suribachi of Bizen.” Toujin gently continues, “Bizen ware are baked at a high temperature of 1200 degrees for 2 whole weeks. People say that this is the reason why Bizen ware are so unbreakable. The same can be said about the potter. The potter must have a strong will and be as unbreakable as the pottery itself. And have a passion that exceeds the powerful flame of 1200 degrees. You need to have that inside of you for the rest of your life.” Haruka, impressed by the story, heads back to Osamu’s studio.


Director & Screenplay: Naruhito Suetsugu, Newmark Inc.
Music: Leo Sato, etude llp
Theme Song: SABOTEN Haruna Takamizu
Original comics: Story by Disk Fly, Illustration by Taisei Nishizaki “Pottery” (HOUBUNSHA)
Cast: Nao/Hiroyuki Hirayama/Jun Murakami/Takashi Sasano/Maki Murakami/Akira Hasegawa/Kentaro Okada/Ryouhei Katsumata/Seiko Ozao/Keiko Yagi
Production Company: Newmark
Supported by: Bizen city and Okayama Prefecture
Excective Producer: Eriko Suetsugu, Newmark Inc.
Producer: Takao Odamiya, Newmark Inc.
Associate Producer: Akiyo Kano, Newmark Inc.Misaki Takabatake, Newmark Inc
Cinematographer: Yohei Tateishi
Lighting: Toshiyuki Awaji
Stylist: Erika Nakajima,
Hair & Make: Haruka Arai
Recording: Asuka Nemoto
Line Producer: Ryuya Takeda
Assistant director: Tomoaki Mukai
Distrobutor: Broadmedia Studios
© 2019 Haruka’s Pottery Films Partners