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Kagawa lacquerware Ichiwado

kagawa lacquerware ichihodo kogei

Kagawa lacquerware Ichiwado

香川漆器は日本、香川県にある国の指定を受けた伝統工芸品です。 江戸時代後期に中国から伝わった漆器の技術に新しい技法を加え、独自の技術で全国一の商品ラインナップを誇ります。 一和堂は長年、漆器をより多くの方に届け使っていただけることを願い伝統と新しいチャレンジをしています。

Kagawa lacquerware had been designated as a traditional craft of Kagawa Prefecture by the government of Japan. Kagawa lacquerware came about by adding new techniques to the lacquerware technology that was introduced from China in the latter half of the Edo period. We have the best lineup of lacquerware in Japan. For may years, Ichiwado has had a tradition of taking on new challenges. Hoping that lacquerware can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.


Producer: Satoko Kamada, Eriko Suetsugu
Director & Cinematographer: Naruhito Suetsugu
Assistant Director: Noriko Oyama
Associate Producer: Kano Akiyo
Produced by: Pon&Con Kikaku Inc.
Created by: Newmark Inc.