KAGAWA Prefecture Product PR

Maico × Marugame Fans


KAGAWA Prefecture Product PR

モデルでもあり、フラダンスの講師でもあるMaicoさんが、ハワイをモチーフにした絵柄に一目惚れ。うちわづくり体験にも挑戦します。 制作した動画をMaicoさんのInstagramやWEB媒体での特集ページ、SNS広告等を組み合わせたデジタルプロモーションも行いました。

Maico, also a model and a hula dance instructor, fell in love with the picture that Hawaii was a motif at first sight. I will also try to make a fan making experience.I made a digital promotion that combined the produced movie with Maico's Instagram, special page on web media, SNS advertisement etc.


Director/Cinematographer: Naruhito Suetsugu, Newmark Inc.
Music: Feriado
Project management: Eriko Suetsugu, Newmark Inc.
Lighting: Akira Sato, Newmark Inc.
Producer: Keiko Tada, Viator Inc.
Website design: Shoichi Kumagai, Newmark Inc.
Client: KAGAWA prefecture