commercial film


moisturizing oil film


新感覚エイジングケア!NANOPHYのブランドビデオを制作しました。 厚さ0.05mmの高密着・高保湿の透明マスクに5種類の美容オイルを配合した新感覚エイジングケア。 商品のUSPを訴求し、グローバルで活用できるようノンバーバルを意識した構成にしました。 日本語、英語、ベトナム語の3言語を制作。

We produced a brand video for NANOPHY, a new type of anti-aging care. NANOPHY is a new type of anti-aging care product that contains five kinds of beauty oils in a 0.05mm thick, highly adhesive and highly moisturizing transparent mask. We designed the video to appeal the USP of the product and to be non-verbal so that it can be used globally. Three languages were produced: Japanese, English, and Vietnamese.


Producer: Eriko Suetsugu
Director & Cinematographer & Edit: Naruhito Suetsugu
Light: Ryuya Takeda
Assistant Director: Noriko Oyama
Stylist: Tamotsu Tada
Hair Make: Iuzmi Matsushita
Associate Producer: Kano Akiyo
Casting: Aoi
Production: Newmark inc.
Client: Marriene