promotion video


県外からの観光客を図る為、香川県内でできる体験の魅力が詰まった動画をうどん県副知事の木内晶子氏に出演頂き制作した。 “やってみたい、けん!”というキャッチーなコピーを開発し、合計11本の動画を作成。閲覧者が実際に体験しているかのような臨場感を出す為に、Go-Proを使用。 4Kカメラでの撮影や空撮、アニメーションを組み合わせ、ターゲット嗜好に合わせたトレンド感のある仕上がりとした。

In order to attract tourists from outside the prefecture, a video was made by Ms. Akiko Kiuchi, the deputy governor of Udon Prefecture, who appeared on the screen. "Yatte-Mitai-Ken! (I want to try it)" A total of 11 videos were created with the catchy copy of "I'm going to do this! We used a Go-Pro to make it look like the viewer is actually experiencing the real thing. A combination of 4K camera shots, aerial shots, and animations were used to create a trendy finish that matches the tastes of the target audience.


Producer: Eriko Suetsugu, Newmark Inc.
Project management: Takao Odamiya, Newmark Inc.
Director & Cinematographer: Naruhito Suetsugu, Newmark Inc.
Editing: Noriko Oyama, Newmark Inc.
Associate Producer: Kano Akiyo, Newmark Inc.
Line Producer: Kosuke Nakao, Newmark Inc.
Art Direction: Shoichi Kumagai, Newmark Inc.
Hair & Make: Izumi Matsushita
Stylist: Yuuko Nishida
Cast: Akiko Kinouchi
Client: Kagawa prefecture