promotion video

Takashi Baba

bizen pottery artist

Takashi Baba

彫刻的なフォルムの作風が特徴的な備前焼作家、馬場隆志さんのプロモーションビデオを制作しました。 父の窯を継ぎ、静かに、そして熱く創作に向き合っています。 独創的なカタチと色彩で新しい備前焼を生み出したい。 自分にしか創造できない作品を世に残したい。人生を賭けた挑戦を続ける若き備前焼作家の作品を是非、ご覧ください。

We produced a promotional video for Mr. Takashi Baba, a Bizen pottery artist whose style is characterized by sculptural forms. Taking over his father's kiln, he has been quietly and passionately working on his creations. I want to create new Bizen ware with original shapes and colors. I want to leave the world with works that only I can create. Please take a look at the works of this young Bizen ware artist who continues to challenge himself with his life.


Produce: Eriko Suetsugu
Director & Cinematographer & Edit: Naruhito Suetsugu
Assistant Director: Noriko Oyama