short film


kannonji shopping street promotion association



商店街の独自性を強く示す統一したブランドイメージを確立し、長期的認知を獲得することが本事業で達成したい目的である。 そのため、ブランドコンセプトとして「人間復活」という抽象的に解釈できるスローガンを商店街の長期ブランド戦略において設定した。 この抽象的で如何様にも解釈が広げられるキャッチーなスローガンをもとにショートドラマを作成し、商店街(オフライン)+SNS広告(オンライン)の双方で発信していく。

A well-known photographer with a keen sense of sensitivity visits Kannonji as an instructor for an event to talk about photography to high school students. Touching the eyes of the students as he captures the people and things of the Kannonji shopping district in his images, he speaks enigmatically of "human resurrection. Since each person has his or her own values and experiences, the same scenery and situation can be perceived and felt from different perspectives. Interesting and cool, fun and academic, inspiring and serious, "human" values are formed in the atmosphere of the times, region, and culture, and continue to change further into the future. As everyone is a "human being," we are forced to consider what "human resurrection" really means. What really is "human resurrection"? There is no answer, but there is a worldview in Kannonji that stimulates our curiosity.

The objective of this project is to establish a unified brand image that strongly expresses the uniqueness of the shopping district and to gain long-term recognition. To this end, an abstract slogan that can be interpreted as a brand concept, "human revival," was set as the long-term brand strategy for the shopping district. Based on this abstract and catchy slogan, which can be interpreted in any way, a short drama will be created and broadcast both in the shopping arcade (offline) and through SNS advertising (online).


Cast|Susumu Takeda

Director/Screenplay/Editor|Naruhito Suetsugu
Assistant Director|Hiroto Suzuki,
Cinematographer|Naruhito Suetsugu
Assistant Cinematographer|Daisuke Ito
Lighting|Atsushi Takeuchi
Sound|Hideaki Yamaji
Line Producer|Yuriko Hosokawa
Production|Ryuhachi Takeda,
Executive Producer|Eriko Suetsugu

Casting Support|at-production
Client|Kannonji Shopping District Promotion Association