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Bizen ware artist Sho Fujita

sho fujita

Bizen ware artist Sho Fujita

備前の土の美しさをそのまま表現するのは、一朝一夕にはいかない。 土選びから妥協せず、手間暇をかけて土作りを行い その土に合った形や景色を追求する。 結果として、従来の備前の概念を覆すことがあっても 本質に向き合い続ける。 伝統的な「用の美」に加え、枠に囚われない創造的な備前焼を生み出したいと考えている。

Expressing the beauty of the Bizen clay as it is does not happen overnight. The artist does not compromise on the selection of the soil, and spends a lot of time and effort to prepare the soil. We pursue the shapes and scenery that suit the soil. As a result, even if the traditional concept of Bizen is overturned We continue to face the essence. In addition to the traditional "beauty of use," he hopes to create creative Bizen ware that is not confined to a box.


Director & Cinematographer & Edit: Naruhito Suetsugu
Assistant Director: Noriko Oyama