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kanae chicken farm


「毎日使うものだからおいしく健康なものを届けたい。」 たまごを産むのはニワトリですが、ニワトリを育てるのは私たち。 飼料を変え、環境を整え、育てる私たちの心のまんなかにいつも愛情を置いて、たまごと向き合います。 愛情たっぷりのかなえ養鶏場のたまごは毎日たくさん食べたくなるまろやかでやさしい味のする、たまごです。

"We want to deliver delicious and healthy products because we use them every day. Chickens are the ones who lay eggs, but we are the ones who raise them. We change the feed, prepare the environment, and face the eggs with love always in the center of our hearts. The eggs from Kanae Poultry Farm are full of love, and have a mild and gentle taste that makes you want to eat them every day.


Producer: Eriko Suetsugu
Director & Cinematographer: Naruhito Suetsugu
Editing: Noriko Oyama
Client: Kanae Chicken Farm