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「讃岐のり染」は日本、香川県で江戸時代より長年受け継がれてきた伝統的工芸品です。 香川県は瀬戸内海に面し、穏やかな気候が染め物に適したところです。 讃岐のり染は、もち米からできた糊を使って染められます。糊を置いたところが染まらず、染料が混ざり合うのを防ぐ方法で、鮮やかな色彩が特徴です。 また、渋紙の筒袋に入れた糊を絞り出して描く筒描き(つつがき)は、手で引かれる自由で生き生きとした線が、布上に直接描かれることで温かみのある、味わい深い染め物が仕上がります。

Sanuki Norizome is a traditional craft that has been handed down for many years in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan since the Edo period. Facing the Seto Inland Sea, Kagawa Prefecture has a mild climate that is ideal for dyeing. Sanuki Nori Dyeing is dyed using glue made from glutinous rice. This method does not dye the area where the glue is placed, preventing the dyes from mixing, and is characterized by vivid colors. In the process of tsutsugaki, the glue is squeezed out into a tube bag made of astringent paper, and the free and lively lines are drawn by hand directly on the cloth, resulting in warm and tasteful dyed products.


Producer: Satoko Kamada, Eriko Suetsugu
Director & Cinematographer: Naruhito Suetsugu
Assistant Director: Noriko Oyama
Associate Producer: Kano Akiyo
Produced by: Pon&Con Kikaku Inc.
Created by: Newmark Inc.