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sanuki city



さぬき市出身で日本ハム株式会社 の創業者であり、北海道日本ハムファイターズ の生みの親である大社義規 (おおこそ よしのり/1915-2005)氏を題材にしたショートフィルム「背番号100の男」です。 本作品は、さぬき市政策課のUターン促進事業の一環として、郷土の偉人を通じて市内の子供達の郷土愛を育む事を目的に製作されたものです。 また、本作品は北海道日本ハムファイターズのご協力の下、さぬき市内にある演劇団体や少年野球チームの中学生が撮影に参加し、オールさぬき市ロケで撮影するなど、地域ぐるみで製作されました。

The main character, a junior high school student named "Masashi Togo," was born and raised in Sanuki City. Although he wants to become a professional baseball player, he is completely unable to achieve his goal and spends his days listlessly. A mysterious old man in a Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters uniform suddenly appears before him. Moreover, his number is "100. This strange encounter leads Masashi to start training with the old man and fulfill his dream, but what awaits him is a surprise. The short film "The Man with the Number 100" is about Yoshinori Okoso (1915-2005), a native of Sanuki City, founder of Nippon Ham Corporation, and creator of the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters. This film was produced as part of the Sanuki City Policy Division's U-turn promotion project, with the aim of fostering a love of one's hometown in the children of Sanuki City through a great local man. With the cooperation of the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters, junior high school students from a theater group and a youth baseball team in Sanuki City participated in the filming, which was shot entirely on location in Sanuki City. The lead role is played by Daiji Asakawa, who has been attracting attention for his high acting ability as "Kenshu Higa" a.k.a. "Niini" in the NHK TV series "Chimudo-don". Directed and written by Suetsugu Shigeto of "Haruka no Sue".


Client: Sanuki city
Director & Screenplay: Naruhito Suetsugu
Cast: Daiji Asakawa, Nishimura Tomoichi, Nao Kato
Produced: Seikosha, Newmark
Production Company: Newmark
Supported by: Hokkaido Nippon-ham fighters
Excective Producer: Hiroyuki Okano, Tomoyuki Higashihara, Noboru Takiguchi, Eriko Suetsugu
Assistant Producer: Tomoko Kawai
Lighting: Takeuchi Atsushi
Hair & Make: Sayuri Shinohara
Recording:Sumitada Hachimine
Line Producer: Yuriko Hosokawa
Assistant director: Tomoaki Mukai